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  • Business Owners as Prospects Business owners are excellent prospects for almost all types of financial services. They have many common traits and many common needs. They are used to making decisions, especially financial decisions. Decisions that have provided income and security, but, what will happen when they leave the business? How do they continue that income for their family ... Read more
  • Business Owners are Individuals Each business owner is an individual with their own preferences. Recognizing this is an important part of developing a business continuation plan. In developing a business continuation plan, it’s important to recognize that the preferences for the business interest of each owner may vary. One owner may want a family member to get his or her ... Read more
  • Selling with Social Security Explorer Learn where and how Social Security Explorer fits in your life insurance selling cycle. This extremely versatile tool will become part of almost all your retirement selling processes. Selling with Social Security Explorer Read more

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