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  • Importance of Key Person Insurance An important component of the business market is identifying and protecting the key employees that contribute to the value of the business. Owner-employees are key persons with a value no less than their business interest. But in almost every business, there are a few employees that greatly enhance the business. Determining the value of a ... Read more
  • Importance of Business Valuation Regardless of the solution used to transfer the business to a successor owner, the value of the business and the business interest being transferred must be agreed upon. One method to solve the problem of business valuation is to establish a buy-sell agreement. A buy-sell agreement is a contract between a buyer and a seller which stipulates that ... Read more
  • Comparing Funding Methods with Different Timing Comparing payment methods can be misleading because each of these amounts are due at different times. Cash is due in one payment 10 years from now. Borrowing is in seven annual payments with the last one 17 years from now. Savings is 10 annual payments starting now and a large payment in 10 years. Insurance ... Read more

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