New! Qualified Wealth Transfer Objective in QPC

Stand out from your competition when helping clients with their legacy planning goals by taking advantage of the new Qualified Wealth Transfer objective within Qualified Plan Concepts. Qualified Wealth Transfer is simple to use yet illustrates a compelling reason to transfer IRA and qualified assets to life insurance for legacy planning. It simply integrates your life insurance products into the planning process.

The SECURE Act, which is effective in 2020, has eliminated the stretch IRA for most beneficiaries of IRAs and qualified plans. In addition, a significant wealth transfer technique for IRAs and qualified plans has been eliminated starting in 2020. The new 10-year rule for beneficiaries of IRAs and qualified plans has significantly impacted the amount of wealth that can be transferred to the next generation. The new Qualified Wealth Transfer objective will prepare you to assist clients with their legacy goals by showing how to transfer their IRAs and qualified plans to the next generation.